Strategic and Cultural Initial Assessment 2017-09-27T12:01:00-06:00

Strategic and Cultural Initial Assessment

To find the strategic elements that trigger the strategic-cultural alignment process.

The first step of the strategic-cultural alignment process requires of a diagnose that allows the organization to have full identification of their current strategic and cultural parameters.

The identification process is done by one or several qualitative and quantitative measurement tools which include:

  • Strategic/Cultural Growth Survey
  • Individual Growth Survey
  • Revision of the current Strategic Plan
  • Revision of the current Transformation Plan
  • Interviews (selected and random)
  • Hogan Assessment
  • 360º Assessment
  • Being at Full Potential Assessment
  • The Leadership Circle

The different measurement tools,, interviews and surveys are implemented among the organization’s main stake-holders and areas to identify the teams’ growth challenges that will define the scope of our intervention.

Once the diagnose is established, the desired results are validated and shared, aligning not only strategic outcomes but cultural ones.

As part of this step, an analysis of the organizational structure and current technological systems is done so the proper outcomes can be refined and established.

The last step is the definition of a communication strategy that allows the organization have access to the findings of the assessment and get informed about the different stages that the transformation process will follow.

This in turn, creates an environment where a conversational culture can be established aiming for high performance, commitment and true accountability.