02 GIFT Program for Strategic Alignment

/02 GIFT Program for Strategic Alignment
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Gift Program for Strategic Alignment

Growth, Inclusion, Focus & Transformation.
  • Accelerated focus: The GIFT Program is one of the fastest ways a team or an organization can create alignment in    the few things that will make the biggest difference.
  • Inclusion: A participative planning approach, which considers all the experience and collective knowledge of a team to create consensus and accelerated decision-making
  • Alignment of strategy and culture: A perfect integration  of personal leadership, organizational purpose, priorities,      initiatives, indicators and goals.
  • Integrated Methodologies: Combination of 4 different methodologies that address personal leadership, accelerated growth, collective intelligence and conversational culture, the program becomes a simple, fast and effective planning exercise

Example of a 2-day program

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    Welcome participants and present the current strategic planning identifying the challenges and circumstances that have brought us to this moment in time.

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    The beginning of the collective intelligence process developing a common sense of legacy for the managing committee that becomes the starting point of alignment for the rest of the process.

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    Review, construction and/or validation of the strategic priorities that will guide the construction of legacy and will be voted in a collective intelligence exercise to create consensus and engagement.

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    Break-out groups according to the priorities that were identified in the previous module to allow team formation around initiatives (projects, programs or iconic moves) with their correspondent KPI’s, goals and quick wins. This process includes a detailed action plan for each of the initiatives.

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    Exploring alternatives to strengthen the sense of mutual responsibility and community building. The continuous execution process is agreed upon so the different action plans can be brought to life in all parts of the organization.