03 Alignment of Indicators and Processes

/03 Alignment of Indicators and Processes
03 Alignment of Indicators and Processes 2017-09-27T14:21:47-05:00

Alignment of Indicators and Processes

Aligning the strategy with the individual measurements that will ensure results.
  • Once the strategic approach of the organization is defined and the Leadership Team shares the sense of Legacy, Mission, Vision and Company Values with those who they want to push the new transformation stage with, it is necessary to prioritize the initiatives established in the GIFT Program.
  • These initiatives contain Programs, Projects and / or Iconic Moves that require a skill definition for each one of the group members that will push them forth.
  • The Skills identified will serve the purpose of making an alignment process between the individuals that conform each team and the specific task that they will perform to reach the fulfillment of the initiatives.
  • This will allow the group and individual goals to be defined in a more clear manner so that the performance review of each individual contains a thread of collaboration and co-creation on the goals pursued at a strategic level.
  • The Performance Review is a must if you want to create the incentives and the “risk and reward” system that allows the areas of strategy and human resources to work in full coordination, knowing at all times the contribution of each person in the organization to its strategic plan.