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/04 Programa Wellness for Growth
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Wellness for Growth Program


To achieve a higher state of awareness where you can choose to be well, and have a true sense of responsibility over yourself, your decisions and your wellness actions.

People with awareness of their well-being are prepared to receive and give only what they have worked for.

By studying the wellness needs of organizations c-Growth has defined 4 pillars that help implement this new mindset.

  • Habits

    • Our BODY needs balance and is self-balancing all the time.
    • Our LIFE needs balance but cannot find self-balance. It depends on the actions we take.
    • Finding balance can be translated into happiness and emotional stability, which will be evidenced in our wellness and body.
    • Habits play a key role in the identification of the necessary changes to find balance.
  • Energy Management

    • We are used to the idea that our biggest asset is time and we base all our activities accordingly. But it is not time which is preventing us from doing more or less throughout our day.
    • What allows us to do any activity is the energy that we have.
    • By consciously managing our energy, we can improve our performance, achieve the number of activities that we want and free time to be with our loved ones.
  • Strategic Movement

    • Eating is not something that we should consider only as a “survival factor”, but as the way to look and feel good during the day (and for the rest of our days).
    • If we know how, how much, how often and what to eat, we can use food as the means to improve our memory, productivity, skin, mood, weight, etc.
    • Our body does not always feel good with the same food that we are used to eat. It is of high importance to get to know our body to know which foods are the right ones for your daily ingest.
  • Movimiento Estratégico

    • We live more and more in a sedentary way, spending most of our lives in one position, sitting down or with very little movement throughout the day.
    • Movement is of high importance for our MIND and our BODY. By moving we put oxygen into our cells (brain and muscle). By having the proper oxygenation we achieve higher concentration and focus in our daily activities and in our decision making.
    • A body in constant movement can prevent diseases in the short, medium and long term.