06 SLSP Teams Program for Centered Growth

/06 SLSP Teams Program for Centered Growth
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SLSP® Teams Program for Centered Growth

The SLSP® Teams Program for Centered Growth is a program designed for the co-creation and analysis of the distinctive elements that allow an intact team to find formulas to achieve growth and high performance.

This 2 day intensive Program sets self-reflective spaces so that the members of the team start the conversations that will help them make a stop on the road and start a new stage that will lead to improved results.

Throughout this program, an innovative roadmap of understanding the permanent motivating forces of the team is practiced and strengthened, This will allow the team to modify habits and routines and to establish both internal and external controls linked to productivity and high performance.

The program helps develop and fortify the sense of accountability across all group members and establishes collaboration agreements that build a common narrative that will ultimately generates trust and togetherness.

  • Stop

    • Importance and benefits of being present
    • Team Time Line
    • Group Growth Cycles
  • Listen

    • Defining a Common Purpose
    • Permanent Motivating Forces
    • Group Narrative
  • Estrategize

    • Vision
    • Development of a Future Narrative
    • Barriers/li>
  • Perform

    • Habit creation
    • Group Agreements
    • Effective Follow up

Benefits for the team

  • Change of habits and behaviors
  • Beginning of a path of mutual accountability
  • Self-reflection and co-creation
  • Increase in team’s motivation
  • Establishment of an action plan that helps align priorities that lead to high-performance

Benefits for the organization:

  • Alignment between team and organizational priorities
  • Improvement of the quality and frequency of conversations between teams.
  • Better organizational climate
  • High performance
  • Reduction of power distance within the organization
  • Inter and intra-organizational trust