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Humberto Guerrero

Humberto is a psychologist and psychotherapist, as well as a coach and instructor in various companies and institutions. He has created an emotional efficiency methodology by combining different models and strategies for talent development and human growth. He has also designed an organizational wellness intervention model based on the development of physical, emotional, mental, and relational/social health habits that he has taught in public and private organizations.

He has given conferences, training sessions, coaching and team coaching to executives (including CFO) of companies and organizations such as Grupo Chedraui, Pirelli, Momentive, National Banking and Securities Commission, Secretary of Communications and Transportation (SCT), UNAM Faculty of Medicine, La Salle University, University of the Valley of Mexico, Secretariat of Public Education (SEP), National Institute of Rehabilitation, Asuncion Institute of Mexico, Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), Secretary of the Navy (SEMAR), Burbupack, National Institute of Psychiatry (INP), National Institute of Public Health, National Institute of Respiratory Diseases, DIF, Hospital Angeles, Secretary of Health, Office of the Attorney General of Justice (Puebla), Chamber of the Construction Industry (Hidalgo), among others.

Humberto was assigned 12 years to the National Institute of Psychiatry “Ramón de la Fuente” where: 1) he provided treatment to people with psychological trauma, victims of violence and crime; all of them diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and associated disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, among others. 2) he carried out personality evaluations for differential clinical diagnosis 3) he participated in various academic training and clinical training activities for mental health professionals (Psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers). 4) Also, he coordinated and collaborated in various scientific research studies (therapeutic and psychosocial intervention, statistical analysis, and interpretation of data, clinical intervention, etc.).

Annually, he gives approximately 1200 hours of psychotherapy; 300 coaching and team coaching; 340 training. He studied Psychology (UNAM) and specialties in Humanistic Psychotherapy (IMMH), Cognitive Behavioral (ICC / AEI of NY), Crisis Intervention (U of Madrid), and Ericksonian Hypnosis (UNAM / IMHE). He also holds a diploma in Organizational Development (UNAM), and certifications in coaching and team coaching.