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Bertha Velasco

Bertha is a consultant, an ICF/ICC international certified coach, facilitator and trainer in areas related to personal development; she strongly believes that systems thinking is necessary as a management discipline. Whole systems are composed of smaller systems, down to the individual or basic unit. A solid foundation starts with personal development, followed by organizational development and culminating in the social system.

She has formed 22 generations of coaches since 2007, who are ICF accredited; and a Master trainer in Systemic Interventions in Organizations.

Bertha has coached top executives from various organizations such as (Banamex, ICA, Novartis Farmacéutica, Iberica Telcom, Policía Federal, DCI International, Universidad La Salle, La Salle del Pedregal, and Bosch among other companies. In either English or Spanish.

She has over 500 hours per year in team or executive coaching sessions and trainings.

  • UT in Texas: BA in Marketing
  • ICC/ICF: International Coaching certification
  • Salom Change Dynamics: Certificación Meta Coaching Ejecutivo Avanzado
  • Insight Privilege USA: Business Insight Coaching
  • Eagala: Latin Equinine Assisted Growth & Learning Association and TAAC: Learning techniques assisted by horses
  • Oxford Leadership Academy: Certification on Self Management Leadership
  • INFOSYON (Germany): Master trainer in Systemic Interventions in Organizations
  • Asian Classics Institute, Diamond Cutter Institute, AZ