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C-Growth© Services

At c-Growth© we offer services addressed to organizational transformation projects aimed at constant and focused growth.


Through various methodologies and tools, we perform the necessary diagnosis to start the process of transformation of the organization and to know the current state of the individual, the teams, the culture, and the strategy that integrates it.

The service is based on methodologies that allow us to promote a positive organizational transformation.

  • Strategic-Cultural Alignment.
  • Organizational leadership.
  • Competences.
  • Potential of the organization.
  • 360º Diagnosis.
  • Situation of teamwork.
  • Hi-Po’s.
  • Flex Office.


The c-Growth© Consulting service is made up of mid and long-term interventions, with a defined purpose and support for individuals, teams, and organizations. It mainly consists of addressing cultural and strategic elements of growth.

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Due to the monitoring and guidance, the coaching service permits to promote the learning of new techniques, tools, and technologies that let us strengthen the up growth of leaders, individuals, and teams with consistency and alignment to organizational purposes.

The Training includes three pillars: Strategy, Culture, and Conversations that allow the transformation based on cutting-edge methodologies and tools.


  • Action plans.
  • Decision making.
  • Organizational and team legacy.
  • Accountability and Enforcement.
  • Advance and Strategic Initiatives.
  • Business X-Ray.
  • Stake-Holders Map.


  • Conversational culture.
  • Strategic Conversations.
  • Conversational FEED model.


  • Systemic awareness.
  • Responsibility.
  • APP - Mindfulness.
  • Individual Purpose
  • Barriers and team and individual habits.
  • Leader's Assimilation.
  • Tetramp.
  • Standards.
  • Co-Development.
  • Trust and Vulnerability.
  • Cultura Pan-Points.
  • Collaboration and Trust.
  • Narrative and Team Stories.
  • Emblematic Cultural Actions (ACE).


The personalized accompaniment of Coaching allows us to modify habits and reinforce behaviors from an alternative perspective that helps to find positive influences in the transformation.

When is organizational transformation significant?

Little discipline and follow-up.

Work in silos.

Scarcity of conversations.

Lack of alignment in the strategy.

 Lack of Accountability.

Little clarity of objectives.

Hierarchical communication.

Failures in execution.

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