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Carmelina Barbachano

Carmelina is a business consultant coach in personal realization and a analyzer of emotional intelligence results, she has a vast experience on Human Resourses skills. Carmelina’s expertise has mainly focused in Universal Human Values and Rural Community Social Services, an activity she truly enjoys. She has worked intensively in the educational field at all levels from Ministers to head Principals, administrative staff, teachers and students from elementary to graduates both in the public or private institutes.

Carmelina, has coached and facilitated diverse programs at Red Uno, The Workshop AC, BASF, Technology Institute of Merida, Ministry of Public Education Yucatan, El Danubio learners, Mayaland Resorts, Cozumel Island Tourism Department, and Costa Rica Electrical Company, among others. In the public sector she has facilitated leadership programs and Universal Human Values programs at Federal, State and County levels with Presidents, Ministers and Public Servers for over 17 years.

Carmelina graduated at the Trinity College Cambridge England, has attended various courses and has been certified by Oxford Leadership Academy, APEC Coaching, The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, The Living Values Foundation of America Org and Iniciatives of Change.