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Erika Kleestorfer

Erika is a management consultant, leadership expert & an executive coach. She works with organizations, teams and individuals and restarts processes that have come to a halt. Her main line of action is to (re-)activate available resources, mobilize existing talents, bundle the energy available and turn it into measurable results.

In her work, Erika focuses on consulting, management & organization development, process facilitation, executive coaching, intercultural training, diversity and team development. She is particularly interested in supporting senior managers in their decision-making processes, sustaining their learning and development as well as facilitating change processes.

The success of Erika’s work hinges on her approach which is systemic, holistic, multi-cultural and networked.

Erika has worked alongside a wide range of clients in various sectors of industry such as banks, in production, pharmaceutical companies, in communication and non-profit organizations – including ECB, Metro, Erste Bank, IBM, Deutsche Bank, Baloise, Sanofi-Aventis, UBS, BASF, Telefonica, etc.

Since 2004, Erika has been a member of the Global Educator Network of Duke CE, US. In addition, Erika has been a fellow of Oxford Leadership since 2009 and very much enjoys working with this international community.

Erika is very fond of supporting, training and mentoring young professionals around the world, at the University in Vienna and the Technical University of Vienna (Uni Wien, TU).

She is also member of the supervisory board of the ‘architects of the future’. The architects are pioneers of a new economy which connects holistic thinking with successful entrepreneurship, compassion and solidarity with social activism.