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Margarita Ramírez

Margarita is an Organizational Development Consultant, Executive Coach, and facilitator of courses and workshops, promoting leadership in the development of people and team management skills. Its main lines of work are aimed at training leaders who are capable of generating positive environments that promote the integration of motivated, productive, and goal-oriented teams. She has facilitated more than 400 hours of executive coaching.

She teaches Positive Psychology courses and their applications for organizations seeking optimal functioning both individually and organizationally.

She has facilitated change processes through training and coaching workshops for directors and managers in national and transnational companies in the automotive sector (Volkswagen de México, Seat México), metalworking (VCST de México, Guhring Mexicana), financial (BBVA Bancomer, CNVB, Economic and Family Support) and consulting (PwC).
Master in Positive Leadership from the Tecmilenio University and in Human Development from the Iberoamericana University in Mexico City; Certified as Executive Coach, Meta-Coach, and Team Coach by The International Society of Neurosemantics. She has completed Postgraduate courses in Administration and Total Quality, among others.
Margarita is a Food Engineer from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana.