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Rubén Meraz

Rubén has 30 years of experience teaching courses in private and government companies at all levels of the organization, with more than 150,000 man-hours training, an average of 7,500 man-hours per year. 10 years as an ontological businesswoman, executive, and business coach as well as high-performance teams, an average of 3,000 man-hours. As a lecturer, facilitator in teaching processes at executive levels and middle management. As a trainer of instructors and new supervisors. In quality-oriented and results-oriented training processes, design, implementation, evaluation, and monitoring of programs. In the development of human resources. Application of musical methodologies in coaching.

Rubén has coached several executives, directors, and managers in different companies such as Apoyo Economico, INC. RESEARCH, Concessionnaires VolksWagen, National Banking and Securities Commission, Infonavit, CFE, Price Waterhouse.

He has taught courses in different companies such as Afore Génesis, Afore Profuturo, Avon Cosmetics S.A. Family Economic Support Microfinance, Banamex, Banco de México, Canal 11, I.P.N., Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the I.P.N. National Commission of Medical Arbitration (CONAMED), National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples, CONADE, Volkswagen Concessionaires (DF, Chihuahua; Guadalajara, Tuxtepec, and Orizaba), CONOCER, Directorate for Legal Affairs and Legislative Studies of the DDF, Directorate General. of Education of the State of Mexico, General Directorate of Prevention and Social Readaptation of the State of Mexico, Duracell SA de C.V., Fabrica de Productos Domésticos S.A. Vitro (Across-Supermatic-Whirlpool), Ford Motor Company, Grupo Maseca, Grupo ACIR Radio, Grupo ADO, Grupo Embotellador Bret (Pepsi), Grupo Nacional Provincial S.A. Truper Tools, Social Security Institute for the Mexican Armed Forces, Mexican Institute of Social Security, IPN (Channel 11), INC Research, I.S.S.S.T.E, Milenio Periódico, Nestlé S.A. de C.V Nutrisa S.A. de C.V., PEMEX, Procter & Gamble, Sears Roebuck de México, S.A., SEP, SEMARNAT, Stanhome México S.A. de C.V Suprema Corte de Justicia, Telefonos de México S.A., Tribunal Superior de Justicia, Walmart (Grupo Cifra).

He studied a degree at the Faculty of Psychology, a Master’s degree in Neuroscience Programming at the Marplatense School of Argentina, Music Therapy at the Institute of Humanistic Music Therapy, and Business Ontological Coach at Newfield Consulting.