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Yulanda Moreno

Yolanda is a consultant, spiritual coach and advisor to business managers and CEO´s as well as social and enviroment committed people who want to make a difference and create a better world. She design and create programs according to the needs to facilitate changes and processes to get from one end to the other in a very creative and dynamic way. She has created programs to improve behavioral challenges through spiritual and experiential processes as well as applying different tools like Appreciative Inquiry and Learn to Learn model.

Yolanda has 32 years learning spiritual and ethical studies in the BKWSO and delivering different programs on human values in the workplace and other human development subjects related to human behavior and attitude. She design her own programs according to the needs of the Institutions and organizations. She is being working very close with different ´gurus´ like Brian Bacon, Ken O´Donnell, with the SML model and Strategic Focusing, as part of their close people in their teams and as their Gatekeeper, working with Government, Agencies at national and at a State level, as well as in the private sector. From the President Office in Mexico to all the Ministeries and public agencies, as well as companies in the private sector.

She is being working for Oxford Leadership Academy, C-Growth, Langre, Camarena y Asociados. Some of her clients: Televisa, Bimbo, President´s Office for Innovation, SEP as a trainee for more than 70 key people, IMSS, SCT, and Aseguradora Hidalgo, SEMARNAT, CAPUFE, CFE, ASSA, INFONAVYT, CNBV, BIMBO, CUINBA, KEBIO In Italy, Studio UGHI & NUNZIANTI, Italy, The State Government of Yucatan, Instituto de la Mujer in the Municipality of Mérida.
In her free time she is dedicated to her passion, designing programs and doing social service. She leads CASA DILARAM AC, an association dedicated to enhance the social tissue in poor areas of the Yucatan, developing and promoting Culture of Peace, and educates in Human Values and in particular these days promotes special programs to promote respect for nature in the Peninsula.
She made her Studies in Rome Italy, Institute Saint Dominique and Università La Sapienza, in History of Art. She also is being doing her spiritual studies and researches at the BK World Spiritual University, in England, India, Mexico and Italy. She is being trained in Coaching with the model of Robbins and Madanes and had other certification in Mexico with AIRPEC. She integrated all her knowledge and she became an expert Spiritual Coach inspiring her coachees to think at a level of deep understanding and to see themselves and life from another level.