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Andrea Sanders

María Elena Rosado has been a consultant to private companies and government institutions in Mexico and Spain for over forty years. She has focused on the development of technical and human skills for the growth of people at a personal and work level. She was a founding partner and director of training and consulting for MERP SA de CV., A founding partner of the OPS Organization, Performance Strategies, associate partner of Training House and is currently an associate consultant for C-Growth.

María Elena has worked since 1992 with private and institutional companies as a consultant, process facilitator, instructor, executive coach and managers of various companies, (Grupo Nacional Provincial managing various projects in different directions such as Human Resources, evaluators, sales, Profuturo, Porvenir for 11 years). At Kendle Servicios S.A. Consultant, instructor and coach for 9 years, managing the managerial skills program and coaching all the directors and managers of the company for 4 years, I manage the Kendle-INC Research transition merger. Coaching for Leaders at Kimberly Clark (2 years) At Editorial Expansión I manage a Training for Leaders on their personal development. I work in various laboratories and institutions such as CNBV SAR, SEMARNAP, SAGAR, Foreign Relations Skills for Executive Assistants. Conferences for private schools for parents, teachers, Management Skills Programs, Communication Programs, Leadership Programs, Comprehensive individual and group executive coaching, Gestalt Psychotherapist, Integration and teamwork, Sales programs, Customer service and attention programs Client. Companies: Banco de México, Editorial Armonía, ATENTO, Secretariat of Public Education, Hannover Insures, Seguros St Paul, Pemex, Microsoft (Spain), among others, Coaching hours worked approximately 5,000 hrs

Since 2009 he has provided personal leadership coaching and facilitation with Oxford Leadership, SLSP, Values ​​Programs, Lead with conversation and Communication Programs. Values, With CNBV, BASF, ASSA, BANOBRAS.

Degree in Clinical Psychology (UNAM) / Humanist Gestalt Psychotherapy, Instituto Humanista Gestalt AC / Neurolinguistic Programming, Educare endorsed by UNAM / Training in Humanist Psychology and Awareness, Instituto Humanista Gestalt, AC / Certification in Models of Competencies SSM / Organization Performance Strategies / Managerial Assessment of Profiency / Certificate Teacher Effectiveness (Thomas Gordon, Ph. D.) / Adjunct Postgraduate Teacher for Psychiatric Doctors of Higher Studies UNAM / Family Constellations Sowelu Landhust Institute (Germany) Bert Hellinger and Center for Humanist Studies and Therapy SAASKUM. Comprehensive Executive Coaching, Grupo Gomes Pezuela, / and the Self Managing Leadership of the Oxford Leadership Academy. . Certified in Beginig Full Potential for companies and individuals.